Looking Over My Shoulder

Next week, 3 months will have passed since my shoulder surgery. I think it’s time to reflect back. It is amazing to me that it has been 3 months. Time has absolutely flown by. It seems like just yesterday I had to hold on to the bannister walking down the stairs because I took too many Vicodin for the excruciating post-op pain causing my legs to wobble and my balance to suffer.

I vividly remember making a joke that I was going to burn my sling when I was finally allowed to take it off. Then, after a day of not wearing it, I had to put the sling back on from the pain of everything hanging unsupported. The sling is still hanging up in my bathroom. I can probably pack it away and forget where I put it at this point.

I have been doing various exercises at home at least 3 times per day every day since Thanksgiving. Initially, they were tortuous. Now, I wonder why I do some of them since they don’t feel like anything. I still go to physical therapy. When I started, I could barely move my arm out of the position the sling left it. Now, I have almost all of my range of motion back. I lift light weights 3 times per week, and my 30 minute physical therapy appointment lasts 90 minutes since I do so many exercises. The therapist tells me I’m ahead of schedule compared to most patients.

16 inches of snow and a bad shoulder... no problem?

16 inches of snow and a bad shoulder… no problem?

The thought of raising my arm over my head seemed impossible initially. Now, I’m back to being useful. I put together a dresser for my expected daughter. My wife and I are picking paint colors for her room. Painting the room and putting together the crib are next. I’ve also shoveled so much snow that I lost track. I think we are up to about 40 inches of snow for this winter, and I’ve had drifts over a foot tall to shovel through.

I couldn’t wait to run after surgery. After 8 weeks, I was cleared, and I’ve run every day since. My run streak is now over a month, and I’ve run in horrendous conditions like this morning when it was -2 and some of the sidewalks still had 6 inches of snow covering them. I sometimes feel like I’m reenacting training scenes from Rocky IV.

-2 degrees apparently freezes eyelashes

-2 degrees apparently freezes eyelashes

Looking back, I’ve come a long way. I’m still not cleared from physical therapy, but I’m close. My surgeon told me this week that I don’t need to see him anymore unless I have a setback. Once the physical therapist is satisfied, I’ll be on my own finishing rehab at home and the gym. I’m not ready to play golf yet or throw a baseball. The surgeon said to wait as long as possible for that, so I think I’ll sit out this golf season just to be sure. I suppose that means obstacle races are out as well unfortunately. However, I’m very pleased with where I am. This experience has taught me a lot about myself. I think I’m ready to move on.

86 Days until the Flying Pig Half Marathon starts. Come join me.

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